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What is DCDB/ACDB ?

ACDB – is an important part of SPV system. It gives extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side. ACDB is made up of breaker, isolators, voltage and current monitoring etc. To ensure maximum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment, It has provision for surge protection in the box along with fuses. Also ACDB have energy meter which help you to know how much energy you are using or withdrawing from the renewable energy.

DCDB – is used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure on DC side. A very crucial part of SPV system as there should be adequate protection on DC side. The DCDB incorporates isolator/Breaker to switch off the system during fault, there is a meter which tells you exact PV array voltage and current you are getting. It also have surge protection to save your system from any surges occurred due to fault or other phenomenon.


  • These panel are customized as per the design of the solar plant in Gujarat.
  • High Quality DC fuses are used for incoming and outgoing through Buss bar.
  • Surge Protection is provided in this panel in order to absorb excess surges in the system.
  • It is Used where the DC current rating is very high and incoming and outgoing of the DC current is need to be fused.