Company Profile

Infinite Energy & Technology (IET) is established in 2020 in Ahmedabad to serve the nation to use renewable energy from the concept of the promotor who are having a specialty in their respective field around the world.


IET is ISO 9001-2015 organization and accredited channel partners with many national and international organizations for Solar PV on-grid and Off-grid applications.


IET Provides Energy Solutions in the field of solar PV and Solar thermal applications, Hybrid power plant, Electrical vehicle and battery storage charging stations.


The team member of IET is having wide experience for thermal Power Plant and Solar Power Plant with cumulative experience of 150 MWp.


Infinite Energy also provides custom products that are made as per your specific need. IET Provides Energy Solutions in the field of solar PV and Solar thermal applications, The hybrid power plant, Electrical vehicle, and battery storage charging stations of products including Residential Solar, Solar Rooftop in Ahmedabad, Industrial Solar, Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Solar EPC, Solar Plant in Gujarat, Solar Kit in Gujarat, Solar Pump, Solar Water Heater channels, and many more products your Solars system requirement. Team members of IET are activated in the solar power sector from the Year 2012-13.



The Key Management Team of the company cumulatively holds experience in installing more than 100 MW of solar power projects in small and large capacities around the world. They have also experienced selling more than 50 MW of solar module, Inverter, and BOS.

The team member of IET has completed the installation of more than 25,000 KW of Solar Rooftop in Ahmedabad in various countries till now and will be executing more than 25000 KW solar PV installations during Financial Year 2021-22.

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